Setting Restrictions On Your Student's Account

Students have access to their student account which you load with funds. Need to set some rules and restrictions? Dining is happy to help. 

A la carte purchases are anything that can be purchased outside of a meal. This includes milk, extra entree, ice cream, additional beverages, various snacks, etc. 

Here are your options: 
1.)     No a la carte purchases. Only meals may be purchased by the student.
2.)     Set a maximum dollar amount for a la carte purchases. Please let us know how much and the frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly). For example, I would like Johnny to be able to purchase $20.00 per month in extras. 
3.)     Restrict specific items. For example, I do not want Rebecca to purchase ice cream. 
4.)     No charging, meals or a la carte purchases. 

Email the Director of Dining Services at [email protected] and we are happy to set that for you.