C3 Committee

Mission of C3
The mission of the Curriculum Coordinating Council is to manage a process for continuously improving the alignment, development and delivery of our curriculum K-12, such that we as a district can achieve our strategic objectives and accomplish our mission.

Goals and Responsibilities of C3
The goals and responsibilities are to:

  1. Identify curriculum issues
  2. Examine materials and professional staff development options
  3. Recommend to the Superintendent research-based and consensus-supported solutions for implementations.

Curriculum Coordinating Council (C3)

With support from administration in soliciting membership, the council has approximately 40 members representing 16 designations. Elementary Principals, Assistant Principals, and Curriculum Coordinators from Londonderry High School, Londonderry Middle School, and Elementary Schools attend all meetings. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join in the discussions.

2022-2023 Meeting Times and Dates

  November 17th 4pm - LHS Library - Topic: Revisit IT Long Term Plan

 January 26, 2023 4PM - LHS Library

 March 23, 2023 4PM - LHS Library

 May 18, 2023 4PM - LHS Library